My name is Cynthia. Blog about a healthy lifestyle.

For several years I have been vegetarian and obsessed with healthy eating and healthy diet. “I swallow” every book about healthy diet and diet, and it is my great passion.

I think that what we eat should be all healthy, full value, possibly unprocessed but at the same time tasty and easy to prepare.

My blog was created from the desire to share with others my passion, gained knowledge and infection with healthy ideas.

My second passion is culinary travels and cookbooks! Every trip is primarily a tasting of the world, local delicacies.

I love Italy and everything Italian. In my free time, I dream of dog-pug and its own cafeteria.

In my kitchen, I usually make some recipes 100% vegetable, most of them in the raw or raw version.

According to many prominent scientists and doctors, raw food is best absorbed, which is the healthiest for the body.

My way to include large quantities of raw vegetables and fruits is to mix them in the form of smoothies and fresh juices.

These high-quality liquids provide our cells with extremely rich nutrients and also help to get rid of pollutants, toxins and fat.

Besides, they are delicious, childish and easy to do. I drink them as often as I can and take them everywhere.

My adventure with juices and smoothies started in 2013. Since I put them on my diet permanently, I have more energy, have lost a few pounds, have stronger hair and nails, and have disappeared from the ailments that prevented me from enjoying 100% of my life.

I would also like to encourage you to put them on your diet permanently because it is a perfect recipe for healthy and beautiful, slim body! I believe the information contained in my blog and the rules will inspire you.