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Tips How to Choose Toys for Your Little One

There are various kinds of toys available out there. What can be quite confusing for you is that they all look okay and cute for your children.

As parents, you are required to know how to choose toys that have not only good quality and last forever, but also safe for them.

Here are some ideas from for selecting toys that grow with your them, challenge them and support their overall development (their thinking, physical, linguistic, and social-emotional skills).

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Mostly small children are explorers who learn everything by doing. By letting them play, you give your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at their own pace, following their unique interests.

The playthings and toys owned by your children help them in shaping their development in crucial ways.

Although it seems very easy to choose toys for children when you enter a toy store today, the only easy thing is the overwhelmed feeling.

There is a wide variety of toys developed for the children’s market. How do you select what is proper for your children?

How can you tell which one that has good quality and which one will last?

What interest did your child have for more than a few days or weeks?

Here are some guidelines for selection of toys for young children

Get some toys that can be used in various ways.

Kids love to break things off, put them back together, pull out, put in, accessories, and build up. You are recommended to get “open-ended” toys in the sense that your child can play many different things with them.

For instance, wooden or chunky plastic interlocking blocks can be used to create a road, a zoo, a bridge or a spaceship. These kinds of toys fit your child’s imagination and help you develop problem-solving and logic skills.

Examples: blocks, interlocking blocks, nesting cups or blocks, and toys for water games and sand Search for toys that grow with your children.

Have you ever had any experience buying a toy that our son plays for two days and then being abandoned? If you had, you can protect yourself by searching for toys that can be fun at different stages of development.

For instance, plastic toys of animals which can amuse your children. Some toddlers may use a shoebox to create a house for them, and other older children can use them to express a story that makes them.

Examples: plastic toys animal and also action figures, doll houses that fit for toddlers, trains and dump trucks (and other vehicles), stuffed dolls and animals.

Choose toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving.

By playing children are given a chance to practice new skills over and over again. Toys that give children an opportunity to discover something – or with a little training – train their logical thinking skills and help them become tenacious problem solvers.

The toys also help children improve spatial conditions (understanding how things are connected to each other), hand-eye coordination, and great motor skills (employing the small muscles in the fingers and hands).

Examples: jigsaw, shape-sorters, blocks, nesting cups or blocks, art materials such as clay, paint, play-dough or crayons.

Look for toys that unleash your child’s imagination.

During their third year, children’s creativity is really coming into existence, since he can now adopt the role of another (such as the role of a king) and imagine things (like a block) to be something else (like a piece of a chocolate bar).

Get some toys for your child which can be used while developing and exchanging stories. Pretend play helps to create linguistic and literacy skills, problem-solving skills, and the skills to sequence (events in a logical order).

Examples: blocks, dress-up outfits, toy food and plastic plates, stuffed animals and dolls, action figures, child-friendly dollhouses, trains and trucks, toy tools and “real life” accessories like a wrapping paper tube, and “firehose” for your little firefighter.

An important information that you must know before buying toys for your children. It turns out that dangerous material like asbestos are not only found in buildings but also children toys. According, some children toys imported from China contain asbestos.

Just like asbestos in a house which can pose a serious health risk, the asbestos can be found in children toys such as crayon or forensic lab kits also can cause a serious health problem for the children. Therefore, you need to be very careful in selecting the toys before purchasing them. Go test suspicious one in lab, your children need protection from you. I know much because i had some inspection and removal in my old house a year ago because i need to remodeling some space of our house, living in Victoria make me warn about this thing, i trusted all process to AW Australia i found in this webpage, asbestos removal Geelong. Lets continue to toys problem.

The following are products that have been tested and positively contain asbestos.

 Amscan crayons
 Disney Mickey mouse Clubhouse crayons
 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crayons
 Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce crayons b
 White fingerprint powder found in the Buy-Rite Inside Intelligence Secret Spy Kit
 Black fingerprint powder found in the Toys R Us Eduscience Delux Forensics Lab kit

Is it really that toys can “create baby much smarter” as written in the advertisement and packaging?

Proceed carefully. There are a lot of products which claim, although have not been proven, to increase children’s intelligence.

As a matter of fact, safe household items (such as plastic trays for stuffing and dumping, stack to make a cave, pillows to climb, and old clothes to wear) are often the best tools for learning.

Remember, your children will learn more when they need to solve problems using their mind and body and develop their ideas.